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Honeybees are one of the most efficient pollinators in the world. They are responsible for over one third of all the food we eat. They are also the only insect that makes food that humans eat - honey.

So why keep bees?

1. Pollination: Your garden will thank you. Honeybees help flowers, fruits and vegetables thrive.

2. Family: Beekeeping is a fascinating pastime and a great way to spend time with your family learning about nature.

3. Honey: And of course there's the honey. Honey from your own yard is the healthiest for your body.

4. Community: Plus you will meet new people and make new friends when you talk about your bees and attend your local beekeepers' association meetings.

There are some things you need to know before starting a hive and Organic Beekeeping 101 will show you all the steps necessary to become a successful beekeeper!


Please Note: This is a BASIC beekeeping guide. We do not use or recommend ANY type of medication or treatment for controlling pest or viruses in our hives. We allow Mother Nature to establish “the survival of the fittest”.