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Randy Sue Collins, Expert Beekeeper, and Paul Martin, Film Director, have joined forces to create an educational DVD for beginning beekeepers titled Organic Beekeeping 101. It is their hope that this DVD will inspire and motivate people nationwide to start their own hives, keep bees organically and save the planet!


Randy Sue
Randy Sue Collins was a full time fine artist painting landscapes as well as pet and animal portraits, until she discovered the wonderful world of honeybees. "My life changed the day I placed my first honeybee hive in my yard." Since that day Randy Sue has dedicated her life to understanding more about our fuzzy friends that are crucial to mankind's survival and how she can help protect and support the species. She is passionate about bees and an avid beekeeper with over a dozen hives.
Her latest invention, The Hex Hive™, is one result of her constant research in how to keep honeybees as naturally as possible. The Hex Hive™ is a patent pending design that duplicates the hexagonal shape of the cell in the comb the bees create. Randy Sue resides in Kenwood, California with her husband Tony Collins, her daughter Devon, son Davis, and 2 little cockapoos, Jake and Buddy and thousands of honeybees. Information on Randy Sue's Hex HiveTM can be found at


Paul Martin
Paul is the founder of Vineyard Productions, a company that produces quality educational films and corporate media projects in Northern California. He wrote and directed the award-winning short film Ash Wednesday, an official selection at the Sonoma Valley Film Festival, as well as other film festivals throughout the United States. Another of Paul's award-winning short films, Widow Maker, was recognized in the National Film Challenge as well as officially selected at other film festivals. He produced the short film Flashcards, a narrative on child abuse, which garnered the audience choice award at the New York International Film and Video Festival and was selected for the "Marche Du Film" at Cannes. Paul is also Chairman Emeritus of the San Francisco Coordinating Committee of the Directors Guild of America. Paul resides in Sonoma, California, with his wife, Patti, and their 2 organic beehives. Learn more about Paul's film and video projects at

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